At the level of the European Commission, the EESSI (European Exchange of Social Security Information) project replaces the paper-based data exchange forms with a European-wide electronic system using structured electronic documents (SEDs). This is based on Regulation (EC) No 987/2009 and the obligations of the Member States to implement electronic data interchange.

As part of the EESSI project at Federal Employment Agency in Germany, Proexes is successfully delivering services with partnership of Atos in the area of installation, configuration, testing, customization, integration and preparation for operations of software components provided by the European Commission – Access Point and RINA. These components have all the functions required to exchange social security data using SEDs. They contain the following commercial products:

– Windows Server
– MS SQL Server
– BizTalk Server
– Tomcat
– elasticSearch Server
– PostgreSQL Server
– Bonita BPM with App Tomcat bundle
– Logstash
– Holodeck

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