Project Management

How often have you wanted to find out how projects are being implemented in your organization or what are the planned initiatives and their priorities? Proexes offers appropriate Microsoft Project Server-based solutions for managing ideas, initiatives and a portfolio of projects with a great number of people with different competencies working thereon.

Software Development

Well-designed and tested software designed specifically for your business needs helps you understand users’ desires, improve your products, make your employees’ work easier, save costs and achieve the development goals you have set. We guarantee excellent performance at every stage of the software development and maintenance process.

Mobile Solutions

Creation and development of a company mobile application that can be used on different mobile platforms enables you to get to more potential clients and turn them real


A solution for collection and analysis of big quantities of business information. With it you get the answers you need to satisfy the needs of your clients and employees. It stores in one place the data from Excel, Azure Analytics, Google Analytics, MySQL,Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Oracle, Salesforce, MailChimp, your website and many more sources.

Cloud Solutions

The combination of private and public cloud resources enables cost optimization, ensuring perfect support for your clients all the time and various options for storage and analysis of big information blocks (e.g. data about consumer behavior and sales)


Reliable solutions that make it easier for your employees to work with documents, supervise task performance, and team collaboration at any time from anywhere in the world.