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L’équipe de Proexes est ouverte à de nouveaux collègues

Prenez connaissance des services que nous offrons et décidez si vous pouvez trouver votre place chez nous.

BI expert

The Company Proexes is a company for software services specialized in expert advice, outsourcing of software developments and complex solutions for big enterprises and public sector as well. The experience of our team in leading areas of the business is supported by innovative technological solutions like mobile and cloud first. Our proven team expertise covers …

Proexes is looking for full stack C#/.NET developer

• 3+ years of professional experience in C#/.NET software development;
• Experience in web development, MVC and REST web services, ;
• Experience with front end web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript/TypeScript Angular 2+ or React;
• Knowledge of Microsoft Clould(Azure/Offfice 365) or Mobile (Xamarin) will be considered as a plus;
• Excellent communication skills;
• Team player;
• Fluency in English;